Business Analytics: Providing Valuable Insights to Organizations

Nowadays data is currency for all organizations. The companies maintain a lot of data related to their business. The data could be about their customers or finances or related to their operations. Business analytics is the analysis of this data with different dimensions in order to aid the company in the decision making process. The company uses the data to gain insights that can be used to implement strategic business decisions which further can optimize the entire business process. Thus, a company gains a competitive advantage because of these insights.

So, how do companies use these valuable insights to their advantage? They use the data to find new trends and patterns for their customers. The companies also use the insights for forecasting upcoming trends. Most of the companies outsource this process to the companies that have expertise in this specific domain.

Business analysis consists of following: customer analytics, marketing analytics, risk analytics and operation analytics. Customer analytics consists of customer acquisition which involves acquiring new customers and more involvement of the customers with your brand. It helps in generating new business leads which will benefit the company when the leads get converted to sales. Once the company acquires a customer, the next thing it does is to increase the share of his wallet for the company’s brand or product. This is done by up-selling or cross-selling the products. This helps the companies to understand what kind of up-sell or cross-sell to perform and hence helps to devise a strategy for the same.

Marketing analytics helps the companies to develop insights related to its marketing activities. It includes calculating effectiveness for a particular campaign, measuring return on investment (ROI). The effectiveness or ROI could be across conventional or digital platforms. The insights will help the companies in optimizing the marketing mix and make changes if the activities are not in sync with its objectives. Another area is risk analytics wherein the company performs a risk assessment before taking a business decision. Risk assessment includes activities related to the company’s portfolio, the company’s account and the capital management. And the last one includes supply chain analytics, human resource analytics and also deals with calculating the effectiveness of the sales force.

More and more companies are inclined towards analytics in order to be successful in their decision making process. The importance of such analysis can be considered from the fact that the companies are willing to increase their expenditure for the same. The companies should consider these activities as an investment and not as an expense.

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Business Analytics Solutions – Giving You A Deeper Insight

Many new and untouched markets are opening to businesses. Aspiring entrepreneurs have an opportunity to set up businesses here and established businesses have great opportunities to expand. But this is easier said than done. One must have good business analytics skills to understand new markets and set up there. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration for this.

Business analytics is a very broad term. A lot of different analytics like marketing, customer, risk and operations analytics come under this category. It accumulates a large amount of data, puts it together and provides us with a business analytics solution that will enable strategic decision making. This is not just general data but contains complex transactions, profits, losses, customer feedback, marketing return on investment and countless other factors. This data is not manually but complex enterprise or analytical software is used for these.

Business analytics is not new to business. Only thing is that today it has become more structured and accurate. Also due to the immense amount of data and information at our disposal, we need to structure and evaluate it well. Analytics breaks down complex data and helps one get better and deeper insight into their business. Not only this but along with the insights it also identifies areas to improve efficiency, cut unnecessary costs and better service to customers.

Organizations that have business analytics solutions find it easier to make business decisions and answer questions like “why this and not that… ?”, “What if… ?” The beauty of it is its reliability factor. Analytics doesn’t only focus on one area of the organization. It has many branches. For instance, let us take Customer analytics. It analyzes the new market, the customers, their needs and expectations and brings to you a solution to what ‘you’ can do to fulfill it. Marketing analytics is closely related to customer analytics and competitor analysis and tells you what strategy can be employed and where you could get an upper hand over your competitors. Risk Analytics is a very underrated strategy but important and very helpful. It can help overcome difficult situations, helps planning beforehand on whether the situation can be avoided or how certain losses can be curbed and controlled.

Thus formulating an effective business analytics solution for your organization can help in more ways than one and could be the very reason for your growth and eventual success.

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Grow Your Businesses Using Business Analytics

Every day is full of surprises and so is business. It is dynamic in nature and requires a constant update in terms of new technology, ideas and other aspects. Business analytics is a method of gathering the data on latest business trends, practices, technological updates etc. and applying relevant changes in our business. Entrepreneurs use this tool to gather data and use them intelligently on their businesses. It involves learning and understanding new business trends via statistical methods. Business analytics focuses on developing new and latest business insights to increase business and save costs.


Business analytics utilize data and statistics arranged in an explanatory and predictive model which shows the current and future trends along with the effects in business. There are automated business analytics software available in the market which only requires data to be entered and the software will give the results which can be deduced and used accordingly. Business analytics are used by banking, online, telecommunications and other thriving industries and sectors.

Different types of business analytics

There are various methods by which data can be collected and converted for active use. Nothing is constant and the frequency with which everything is changing these days requires an entrepreneur or company to keep up with the changes. The various methods are:

• Decisive Analytics: This utilizes human reasoning and decisive faculties. It supports visual analytics as well.

• Descriptive Analytics: This enables great insight in business through access and comparison of historical data.

• Predictive Analytics: This utilizes prediction and forecasting using statistical techniques.

• Prescriptive Analytics: This requires simulation and optimization techniques to make recommendations.

All or any of these data analytic methods can be used to gather information according to a business’ requirements.


Business Analytics is a fine technique to plan and decide upon future paths to be taken but the method is not fool-proof. It has certain drawbacks which make complete dependency impossible. The data that is to be input is quite vast and requires lots of manpower. Data entered may or may not be accurate. Since the data is quite large it requires lots of space for storage which restricts speed all the time. The data when converted into information needs to be analyzed and then put into action which may take a long time.

Business Analytics are an excellent but expensive tool to get information and decide upon the variable and dynamic aspects of one’s business. One can grow his/ her business through the use of business and data analytics.

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Business Analytics and Its Applications

Business Analytics refers to the technologies, skills and also practices for the continuous investigation and also exploration of the past business performances.

This process helps in gaining a lot of insights and also drives in the business planning stage. Understanding the performance of the business and also developing the latest insights also form a very integral part of the process of Business analytics.

It is mostly based on various statistical methods and also data. The process of business analytics is very popular for making extensive and proper use of the statistical analysis that includes predictive modeling and also explanatory modeling.

Analytics can be used very effectively as input for the various human decisions or also the fully automated decisions. Business intelligence includes OLAP (Online analytical processing), querying and also reporting. This is a very handy process and this means that there are numerous applications of this process that can never be ignored. It uses very consistent measures of metrics and this means that the process altogether becomes ever easier. The new insights that can be developed are of very good use as well. The user can learn a new method or process on a daily basis whenever Business Analytics is being implemented.

The number of application of business analytics can never be undermined. Business Analytics is used by banks such as Capital One who extensively make use of data analysis. It is used for differentiating among the customers and this differentiation is done on the basis of credit, usage and the remaining characteristics as well. It helps in matching the characteristics of the customer with the various product offerings. Analytics help the business in concentrating and working on the fundamental objectives. This helps in improvement of the working of the business. These applications are responsible for the growth in the usage of Business Analytics.

There are various types of analytics. These analytics are decisive analytics, descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and also prescriptive analytics. These types help in supporting the human decisions, gaining insights, predictive modeling and also recommending decisions by using the simulation and optimization processed. The main challenge of Business Analytics is that it widely depends on the volume of data that is in question. Thus the availability of data is extremely important for the overall process to be successfully executed and also completed. It also helps in deciding the types of subsets that will be required. It is one of the important things to remember.

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Business Analytics: Enabling Business Organizations to Gain Bigger Profits

Business analytics can be aptly described as a branch of mathematics that uses quantitative and computer techniques to take full advantage of decision making in business. This analytics has become commonly used within the I.T environment to refer to the use of computing to gain insight from data. Business analytics has also been coined as the next breakthrough after business automation but with the aim of making better business decisions.

Organizations that perform the task of applying this form of analytics have to start with a certain agenda regarding information management. Information has to be treated as an asset and of utmost priority, it is only through the treatment of information as an asset as a result of which descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics can be applied.

Today’s businesses are more worried about survival than profitability thus business analytics is becoming even more indispensable by the day. With this kind of analytics business users are empowered to make more focused and driven decisions that can help their organizations to succeed. This is analytics that enables powerful analytics to be effectively used by business users.

Using business analytics software enables a business to make most of their collected and analyzed data. Today’s businesses are confronted with an overwhelming amount of data, it is through the use of business analytical software businesses can gather essential data, analyze information in order to put results into best use.

Using this kind of software, organizations can make the most of their collected and analyzed data. Analytics software enables effective data mining where the information collected can be put into business models that can be used for tasks such as drafting strategies that can effective utilize and optimize marketing data.

With the overwhelming amount of data organizations are supposed to deal with today, business analytics can be that crucial component that can go a long way in improving operational performance. With the use of business analytics models even small businesses with big amounts of data can use information and otherwise disparate data to their full potential. This form of analytics involves the use of models generate patterns and trends using historical data which have to be carefully used to predict future trends in a certain aspect of the business.

As any growing organizations understands it is necessary to understand the mind of the consumer, with today’s level of analytics that is exactly what most organizations attempt to do with the help of this analytics. Analytics goes beyond data; its primary goal is to aid corporate organizations in making decisions, it is more than just gathering data or using software tools and creating dashboards and reports.

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